On this page you can find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Those questions are about our rental skate products, shipping and other relevant topics. Do you have an other question? Please feel free to contact us.

What are rentalskates?

Rentalskates are skates that are designed for rental purposes on ice rinks. Those skates are made with a good balance between comfort and durability. Based on many years of experience, Skates for Rental knows that not all skaters use their skates on the rink as prescribed. For this reason those skates are stronger, less easily broken and have a longer lifetime (rental period) compared to other skates.


What is the target group of Skates for Rental?

We have a broad range of business-to-business clients, like: ice rinks, local governments, winter related companies, wholesalers, (specialty) shops (mainly for speedskates) en skate clubs. Some of our exclusive (speed)skates don’t have a worldwide coverage in shops. For this reason we sell only a few of our products direct to end users (consumers).

Where can I find the prices of your products?

Unfortunally new clients can't find prices on our website. All prices are on request. For current clients we can create a personallogin.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Skates for Rental is a wholesaler and producer of rentalskates. Most of our clients are ice rinks that need a full range (in sizes) of rentalskates. Other clients contact us during the season and place an (extra) order. Due to the fact that our company is a business-to-business focused company, it’s not possible to order (very) small orders. Therefore we have the following MOQs:

  • Minimum Order Quantity most European countries: 40 pairs
  • Minimum Order Quantity outside of Europe: On request (depends on the country)

Do Skates for Rental ship internationally?

Yes, Skates for Rental can ship and deliver their goods to (almost) all countries worldwide. The fact that we don’t know all ins and outs about legislation for every single country in the world, we probably have to figure out under which conditions (speed, required documents, Minimum Order Quantity etc.) we can deliver to some specific countries. To make it possible for us to give you a good and quick offer based on your requests, please inform us always about the documents and other relevant information that is needed to ship to your country.

Worldwide shipping

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

Yes, it’s possible to pick up your ordered goods direct from our warehouse in Leerdam, The Netherlands. Keep in mind that it is necessary to make a reservation with our sales department first, before you (or your transport company) pick up your ordered goods. Only than we are sure that all goods and required documents are ready to leave our office.

Can you ship my order?

Yes, in Europe we can arrange shipment to almost all countries. Outside Europe we kindly request you to arrange the pick up order (after our confirmation that the goods are ready for departure) yourself. Of course we can help you with finding the ideal transport partner to ship the goods to your required destination.

How long does it take before I will have my order?

After ordering, we need on average one business day to make your order and the required documents ready for transport. With our economy shipping service (with 90% European coverage) it takes maximum 10 business days before you will receive your order. Do you need to order last minute or are you in a hurry? Even than you can challenge us to find a solution. We can arrange express shipping (a fast delivery service) or you can pick up the goods with your own courier. Outside Europe all delivery times are on request. Important note: All our prices are Ex Works Leerdam, The Netherlands.

Do you deliver rentalskates with an own brand (private label)?

It’s possible to make a private label rental skate (own brand/style/colour) product. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this products depends on your requests but will be around 2000 pairs. Please note that our products are made in the Far East and for this reason the total time between ordering and getting the goods will be approximately 5 months. An alternative way to ‘label’ your brand on our products is to put a sticker with your own logo on the products.

Private label skates

Are your products tested?

Yes, our products are tested conform to the European standards. If you want to make sure if and how a specific product is tested, please feel free to contact us.

Do you deliver icerinks as well?

Unfortunally not. Our reasoning is simple: Focus on your strengths! Of course we can help you to find some good ice rink suppliers.

Why do your rental skates have buckles instead of laces?

Based on many years of experience we know that users of rentalskates don’t use their skates on the way as prescribed. For this reason we made these skates extra strong and that’s why our skates have buckles instead of laces. Other advantages of buckles compared laces are:

  • No problem of open skate shoes during skating. For children is this a big issue.
  • Click and go: No problems with fastening your laces, but direct ready to go on the icerink.
  • A longer lifetife duration: We made our buckles extra strong, so they can’t break easily.
  • Just in case that a buckle or clip (locksystem) will break, it’s very easy to replace with an easy screwsystem
  • More hygienic: It’s quite easy to clean the buckles with an tissue.

Buckle for rentalskates

Do you sell only rental ice hockey skates?

Yes and no! We have more different types of skates, but only our rental skates are made for rental purposes. Our other skates are not special designed for rent. Some of our clients order those articles, but we can’t guarantee a long product life time. A small range of our other type of skates:

  • Bobskates: Adjustable Children skates with double blades; an easy way to learn how to skate (for rental purpose, see photo below)
  • Junior speedskate (learning model): A step in speedskate that we specially designed for children who want to learn speedskating (not for rental purpose).
  • Figure skates: A PU-leather figure skate for ladies (not for rental purpose).

1003 Iceskates for toddlers bobskates

How many rentalskates do I need for my event/rink?

The number of rentalskates that is needed for your rink or event, depends on several things, like:

  • The size of your ice rink (Rule of thumb: 30 skates are needed for every 100 m2)
  • The popularity of ice skating in your country
  • The location of your ice rink

Which sizes do I need to order?

This is a hard question to answer and depends on a many diferent factors. To give you an idea, we can recommend you the chart below.

Rentalskates per size

What is the meaning of the Skates for Rental logo?

Holland is associated with wooden Shoes, mills and tulips. Orange is our national colour and ice skating is the main product of Skates for Rental.

Rentalskates logo